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Uniformed Garment Sizing
Uniformed Garment Sizing
28 July 2020

Uniformed Garment Sizing


We have been listening to feedback from our customers and have been working hard to streamline our premium workwear range. 


We have adjusted our garment sizing on several products to ensure that all garments have consistent sizing throughout the VELTUFF range.


We are pleased to announce that our new stock has now arrived and we are currently filtering through to our new and improved sizing. 


The changes will mostly affect the SH4943, SH1337 and SH1333. Sizes will now come up smaller than our previous garments in this range and will be in-line with the rest of our workwear ranges.


If you have ordered these lines from us previously and require a new sizing sample or have any other questions regarding our sizing please contact us on 0330 700 0090 for more information.