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Shock Safe GPO Trenching Shovel

Order Code: CT4623
£105.70 ex VAT
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  • GPO Trenching Shovel
  • BS8020 Insulated
  • Tested to 10,000v
  • Certified to 1,000v
  • BS8020: 2012 Insulated Range
  • Our Shocksafe shovels are doubly protected by twin layers of polymer sheathing, moulded over the rigid fibreglass core. The orange insulation used for the outer sheathing has been developed for its high voltage and abrasion resistance properties. If the white inner sleeve becomes visible, the tool should be removed from use around live working conditions.
  • A specially integrated collar prevents the user’s hand slipping onto the steel blade.
  • Each tool is flash tested to 10,000 Volts and printed with the BS8020 1000 Volt logo and every tool is uniquely numbered and certified, thus ensuring total traceability and guaranteeing full conformity to live cable working specifications. BS8020:2012 is an exacting specification that demands full adherence to detailed manufacturing and testing procedures for safe working practices to be maintained by the user when working on or in close proximity to live conductor cables. Every single tool is flash detected to 10,000 Volts before the issue of a certificate, unique to each implement.
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