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CleanSpace II Powered Respirator EN12942 TM3 (excludes mask)

Order Code: PP2400
£504.99 ex VAT
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The CleanspaceII is an allround first. This unique compact and lightweaight Powered Air unit fits neatly round the back of the neck, providing Fresh Clean Air as you breath. with a choice of 3 sizes the soft silicone mask seals cleanly and easily to your face. The AirSensit™ System intelligently delivers air on demand, and in unison with your breathing. this uniqe feature maximises the battery life and improves wearer comfort. Compact and light, the respirator sits at the back of your neck and close to your body Compact Design with no trailing leads, cables or hoses. Patented micro-turbine toroidal motor generates airflow on demand up to 200L/min with only one moving part. Deliveres positive pressure inside the mask, with an inbuilt pressure sensor that varies the air-flow to prevent contamination. Breath activated On/Off operation. The Unit is maintenance free for up to 3 years (subject to enviromental conditions) CleanSpaceII maximises filter life by only filtering the air that you breathe. Simple operating modes minimise the time required for training, handling and cleaning. EN12942 Nominal Protection Factor TM1 20 10 TM2 200 20 TM3 2000 40
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