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JUBA Blue Chemical Latex Gloves SP20 FT20

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Fully waterproof. Effective handling of slippery and abrasive objects. Resistant to contact heat thanks to its inner cotton lining (250ºC for 15 seconds). The outer coating provides a firm grip on dry, humid and wet surfaces. Suitable for food use. For bacteria and fungi this glove is totally watertight according to EN 374-2: 2014. This glove protects against the following chemicals: Methanol (level 2,> 30 minutes), Sodium Hydroxide 40% (level 2, > 30 minutes), Sulfuric acid 96% (level 3,> 60 minutes), Ammonium hydroxide 25% (level 1,> 10 minutes), Hydrogen peroxide 30% (level 5,> 240 minutes) and Formaldehyde 37% (level 6,> 480 minutes)
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